Military Network, 'Professional Society of Warriors'

Military Network, 'Professional Society of Warriors'
We are seasoned, well trained consultants, providing members of the military, their spouses and reservists with assistance necessary to develop portable skills which will strengthen  job-readiness upon re-entering the workforce.

Assisting Active Duty Military members (transitioning) and Veterans in general benefit from from the fraternal aspect of the bond and trust we know and expect of each other!

Development of programs include many facets depending on their level of training for the civilian sector, personal / family needs with a necessity to have to survive thus as with a not only a job, rather a career. A great an example of an area where there is need for trained and certification(s) Information Technology. IT as an industry, offers many pathways for individuals to travel down.

There is a 'demand, need for specific skills, and of course work ethic. The occupational field is the 'path' these and these pathways determine the skills needed with current technologies. Be it Web Design, Infrastructure, System and Network Design and Management, Software Development, Information Security, Cyber Warfare, database Management, Project Management or a host of many other area's.

Working their way through an unconventional career transition program not transitioning toward your job; rather they are transitioning toward their own careers.  It is incumbent upon each of us to realize their dreams if we desire to attract them. 

Education & certification are what helps decision makers make the wiser choice. Having an understanding of this, various technologies with real world knowledge on the same level, is needed for all industries.

This is the value extended to the veteran by means of being part of the Military Network! We provide an unbiased approach, assist the veteran determine which route to go with devising an action plan that equates to success.

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