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Ready Medical Force and Medically Ready Force

The Military Healthcare System provides for 9.5 million service members and family members in the Continental USA and all around the World. Many changes are constructed by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, including the Defense Health Agency emerging responsibilities over the Military Treatment Facilities and actions aiming to modernize the medical forces and facilities utilizing technological advancements and lifesaving innovation.

Military Healthcare 2018 will provide a forum to discuss and examine the complexity of the issues above, share solutions and strategies for the way ahead and a setting for mutual learning and collaboration with International peers – all aiming to maintain a “ready medical force and medically ready force”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to understand and support the current and future requirements of our medical stakeholders as they commit to the continuous improvement of healthcare delivery to our troops and their families!

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Current and Past Military Healthcare Speakers:

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What are the Benefits of Attending?

Address the Evolution of Military Healthcare into an Effective, Efficient, Peacetime System

Learn about the latest simulation and modeling to enhance military medicine skill sets

Understand Military Healthcare System contracting and acquisition procedures and upcoming priorities

Gain insight on cost cutting efficiencies, groundbreaking and lifesaving innovation by utilizing Virtual Health and Connected Medicine

Engage, Collaborate and Learn with International peers on medical innovation and procedures

Hear updates from senior leaders on the way ahead for the military healthcare system, advances in medical education and training

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